Congestion Charging Scheme for one of the biggest cities in Europe

£230m Contract Value

*We will name the city X.

The X Congestion Charging Scheme aimed to provide alternative ‘contingency’ solutions to poor performing operational areas of the X Congestion Charging Service. It had a contract value of £230m and involved the provision of multi-channel/multi-product customer services, as well as ‘back-office’ image, enforcement & support services. Brightive was part of the X Congestion Charge senior management team within Transport for X.

The specific responsibilities of Brightive’s management team included contract definition and negotiation through to delivery management. It was in charge of all activities for the service go-lives and the implementation of the scheme’s CCTV camera and communications infrastructure. This involved the complex co-ordination of several multi-disciplinary parties to install a sophisticated camera network around central London.

Brightive led teams of up to 15 consultants with PMO and Release Delivery Assurance responsibilities. These included:

  •  Primary Project Management Interface – Planning, Risk & Issue Management, Change Control, Client Obligations and Reporting interface point to the Congestion Charging Service Provider– this involved the assurance, re-development & day-to-day management of a multi-level programme plan;
  • Integration of all service provider delivery aspects to the overall Congestion Charging Scheme (Camera Infrastructure Works, PR, Legal, Policy, etc.), including communication of progress and risk aspects externally; and
  • Specific Go-Live responsibilities for major project milestones, including full service testing, go-live and transition to TfL/service provider operations.