Adaptive Portfolio Office (APO)

It embraces the multiple delivery methods (Agile, Hybrid and Waterfall) by bringing the best from all domains, together with the tools, people and skill sets throughout your organisation.


We focus on:

  • strategic alignment to customer centered Project & Product delivery
  • using learning, collaborative and data-driven approach in delivering flexibility
  • bringing customer value and increasing predictability and velocity

Our way of working emphasises on:

  • visibility over prioritised demand, delivery performance and constraints
  • decision making process based on data insights
  • consistently & continuously re-evaluate the change portfolio, ensuring its transparency and alignment
  • shaping our solution to adapt to and evolve with your environment and demonstrate continuous ongoing value



Transition from Execution to Enablement



The rapid digital business transformation is the driving force behind an increased urgency for companies to adopt Adaptive Portfolio Office. Failure to do so will lead to inability to manage accelerating rates of change and continuous delivery and responding to business disruptions as they appear.

When business disruptions emerge, enterprises will either engage in adaptive funding and governance practices or be weakened considerably by such events. The Adaptive Portfolio Office as a set of capabilities enables adaptive funding, effective governance & control and proactive decision-making through that journey.


What does APO do better?



We aim to address client’s current inflexible, outdated processes that obstruct visibility over the delivery of the value-added strategic initiatives, the lack of reliability of capacity indicators and to create a single point of truth by also shifting the focus to business capabilities and outcomes. We establish a customer centric intake process that provides visibility on demand, enables collaboration and operational excellence through iterative approaches.

Our APO team is focused on planning continuously and strategically, using the proper reporting and visualisation tools and adaptive techniques to maximise business value delivered and support effective data-driven decision making. Our team of professionals will define your specific needs and requirements and act upon them in delivering optimised internal processes and increased team collaboration resulting in higher quality outputs & strategic alignment.



'Corporate PMOs often fail to reach their true potential, or in worst cases, fail the very Business Units and Project Managers they support and enable. Even more so with the market move from project to product based organisations. Our Adaptive Portfolio Office enables our clients to align their portfolio and optimise investment around business priorities in a way that can rapidly pivot in response to change.'

Martyn Smith
Founder & Managing Director