SMART Delivery

What makes us SMART?

We are based 100% in the EU with great transport links, so that we can easily deliver our services using the right mix between project location and our Professional Service Centre. We can offer top services and value, while maintaining important personal contact.


SMART Process

Our mixed-shore delivery model, adds value while reducing the total project cost

What leads us in delivering value to our clients is to provide specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and time-bound solutions. Brightive processes are driven by the objective of delivering the right outcomes that demonstrate a tangible value-add in an optimal value-for-money way. We are customer-focused and highly flexible due to the people, process and technological capability we built through time.



Leveraging our IT experience and knowledge to integrate technology

We believe in getting the needs right and recognising that good tooling enables great processes. For us optimal data flow, visibility and informed decision-making are key to successful delivery. Brightive focuses on in-house expertise in tools and processes which allow us to build the right environment for our clients. Technology enables our people to be effective from every location and allows us to remove redundant effort with SMART processes and tools.

delivery model

Delivery Model


Our ‘mixed-shore’ delivery model adds value, while reducing the total project cost

Our delivery model is focused on value-added activities, overseeing, coordinating, and challenging individual project managers, while ensuring high-quality project delivery. The ‘mixed-shore’ model enables flexible and adaptive response to project demands and getting it right releases the benefits of the model, allowing to keep cost down and service of high-quality.