Brightive is an independent consulting firm working across Europe & Middle East, we provide tailored high-value services to our customers. All our services can be run fully remote or on a mixed-shore basis using leading collaboration tools. Through an innovative SMART Delivery model, Brightive offers full flexibility and responsiveness to meet current market needs.

Core services include:

  • Progamme and Portfolio Management
  • Business Analysis and Process Optimisation
  • Data Analytics
  • Scrum Master & Agile delivery management
  • Business Continuity and Peak Demand activities

Our Proposition

We will provide the first 5 days for free to get your solution up and running quickly then we will operate your COVID-19 response activity at cost price, our desire is to help you through COVID-19, not to profit from it. Brightive has a team of trained and qualified consultants who are fully equipped and experienced for remote working, this is core to how we work. To help with COVID-19 response, we will apply our team to help in any way we can. We will heavily discount our services (close to cost), with an immediate start and no minimum contract or notice period. We can scale up and down very quickly to respond to urgent demand and turn off when the job is done, for example, we are helping organisations with:

  • Remote working and co-ordination.
  • Help with short-term resources for peak demand activity driven by COVID-19. We can train people very to increase your capacity very quickly.
  • Contingent resource services for Business Continuity in case of significant sickness/self-isolation. Help with remote working technology and ways of working, including, hardware, software, work management and human dynamics.
  • Management of user account and access to deal with the increase in the mobility.
  • Support for configuration and effective usage of collaboration tool-sets such as MS Teams to maximizing the value of the asset sooner.