Corporate Separation Programme

$255m Contract Value

100 Office locations

250 Applications

56 New legal entities

In 2014, an Asian investment company agreed to acquire the “Enterprise” business from a big telecom company for $255m. The scope of the transaction covered 100 office locations across 60 countries, over 250 applications (including integration supply chain solutions) as well as the creation of 56 new legal entities globally and the establishment of their IT systems within flexible and efficient real-estate services. To facilitate the successful acquisition of the telecom by the Asian company, the newly created entity had to be strategically carved out from the parent of the enterprise, separating every part of the two businesses, including offices and IT. The programme supported the closing of the sale transaction on time and on budget, including addressing strict separation requirements driven by CFIUS regulations.

Brightive overtook the programme management and led the separation of the parent copmany’s real-estate and IT portfolios. The combined value of the IT and real-estate projects was over €30m, with a recurring operating cost of circa €50m. Brightive was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Development of the SAP ERP solution and set-up of the new company structures;
  • Development of corporate separation and transition agreements;
  • Data centre, relocation and consolidation;
  • Establishment of an IT service delivery organisation and service providers;
  • Separation and rationalisation of corporate applications;
  • Separation and rationalisation of corporate real-estate in over 40 countries.

The Brightive consulting team also engaged in a number of project management activities such as:

  • Data collection, input and reporting using a SaaS project tool-set;
  • Coordination between project managers involved in the carve out;
  • Analysing and tracking planning progress, milestones and dependencies within the parent company’s projects;
  • Risks and issues management, status updates; and User Manual creation to mitigate and improve weekly reporting process;

Management Development Programme and Capability Build Programme

>400 Project Managers

£97m Project Spend

>800 Staff

24 Global Locations

The same parent company also engaged Brightive with a requirement to develop the capability of their experienced programme managers in the tools and techniques required to successfully deliver complex transformation projects. Brightive led the creation of a highly successful global learning and development programme. The programme has been developed to encapsulate the best practices developed by Brightive over many years of experience in delivering complex change programmes. Brightive led a highly successful rollout of the learning & development programme across all geographic regions, as it quickly made a positive impact on the client’s operations.

In mid-2013 Brightive was commissioned to work with the CIO and IS/IT senior management team and to lead a programme to dramatically increase the capability and capacity of the CIO organisation. The work embedded best practice from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) into the organisation and prepared for a radical outsource programme to access additional capacity.