9,000 Organisations
15m Referrals/ Year
2 Care Settings:
Primary Care
Acute Care

Choose and Book was one the first major deliverables of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT). Choose and Book is a national system for real-time electronic booking of hospital appointments and electronic transfer of referral information between General Practitioners and hospital consultants, it has been deployed to over 8,800 GP practices and around 175 hospital trusts throughout England.

Brightive was engaged at the start of the Choose and Book programme to develop the business processes required to support the digital transformation of the way patients are referred by their General Practitioner to their outpatient’s appointment in secondary care. This business process changed dramatically towards a patient-focused paradigm (i.e. patients can choose which hospital they would like to go to and then choose the date and time, when they would like to be seen). This removed the uncertainty and worry associated with waiting lists and made the whole process convenient to the patients’ needs. These process changes have been enabled by digital technologies, moving from paper based driven processes to digital processes, increasing efficiency and improving patient engagement and attendance.