£1.2bn Contract Value
£10m Cost Savings
5 Care Settings:
Primary Care
Acute Care
Specialist Care
Mental Health
Community Care

The London NHS Local Service Provider contract has a value of £1.2bn over 10 years, it was designed to provide a wide range of IT solutions to the NHS across London. The contract provided applications to local care setting locations, e.g. Hospitals and GP Surgeries, from world class data centres providing fully resilient service provision. It also provisioned for bespoke integration solutions to support the joining up of healthcare processes across multiple NHS organisations and to digitally enable clinical practice. The contract works across primary and secondary care, mental health, community health and digital imaging.

In October 2008 Brightive was asked to lead the efforts to secure new business in the South of England. Shortly after, in November 2008, Brightive was asked to take the lead for the entire £1.2bn London LSP Programme and help recover the programme from severe financial and operational issues. Brightive took full operational responsibility for the LSP activities.

As part of the engagement the Brightive’s consultants:

  • Completed an organisational restructure to integrate all LSP activities to better achieve operational synergies;
  • Led the effort to secure a £500m contract extension which covered hospitals across Southern England;
  • Concluded negotiations with major clinical applications providers to improve delivery and reduce programme costs and risk by £10m;
  • Worked with the customer to restructure the joint organisation and governance;
  • Defined a new delivery model to work more closely with clinical staff for increased success; and
  • Oversaw a relocation of offices for approximately 500 staff.