In one month:
90,000 Page Hits
450 Patient Surveys
400 Language Translations
260 Donor Registrations

In4Health is a national information channel created exclusively for NHS patients waiting to be seen in doctors’ surgeries, health centres and hospitals. The In4Health channel consists of two elements working in tandem: wall-mounted LCD screens and interactive kiosks for individual patients’ use. Both elements are fully automated. Wall-mounted LCD screens display a compelling, continually updated programme of health-related topics, sponsored local and world news, weather, and public information videos. Interactive units allow patients to access more detailed information related to conditions, treatments and current health campaigns. Patients can use the interactive unit to respond to surveys and give feedback.

Brightive led the In4Health project from product concept, through establishment of the joint venture, product development and successful installation in trial sites across two NHS healthcare institutions.

The In4Health solution was valuable in enhancing the NHS-patient relationship, providing tools to efficiently capture patient feedback, engaging the patient in key public health messages and enabling immediate and direct fulfilment (e.g. immediate Organ Donor signup).