National Identity Service (ID cards)

5m Passports / Year

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) is responsible for the National Identity Service, which includes the production of more than 5 million passports per year and the introduction of personal identity cards. IPS has a key role in transforming the way government interacts with the country’s citizens and businesses by developing common standards and approaches for identity management – through the National Identity Service – which builds on the changes being made to passports. Thus, it provides a secure and straightforward way to safeguard personal identities from misuse, and also includes the development of identity cards to ensure a greater level of identity protection.

Operating within the IPS Design Authority and reporting to the NIS Chief Architect, the Brightive consultants supported the provision of business design assurance to the multiple NIS programmes. This covered:

  • Assurance of programmes’ scope;
  • Business requirements;
  • Implementation approach;
  • Business case;
  • Operating models; and
  • Underlying commercial/contractual framework.

Additionally, Brightive developed a number of Design Authority products including scheme requirements development guidance, design assurance process, packaging strategy validation, procurement support materials, architecture blueprints and scheme integration materials, including service orientated boundary definitions.