Smart Metering Rollout Programme

53m Smart Meters

 6 Service Providers

The Department of Business in an European country, granted a data communications company a licence to establish and manage the data and communication network to connect smart meters to the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators, and other authorised network’s service users in the country. The data and communications infrastructure was supposed to:

  • Operate consistently for all consumers regardless of their energy supplier;
  • Provide smart metering data to network operators in support of smart grids;
  • Allow authorised third parties to provide services to consumers who have granted them permission to use their data. Consumers can benefit by receiving energy services and advice on how to reduce their energy usage;
  • Help deliver the country’s government’s plans to roll out an estimated 53 million smart electricity and gas meters to domestic and non-domestic properties in it by 2020.

Brightive took key roles within the programme team being responsible for managing the design, development, testing and rollout of the data and communication infrastructure in Release Management, Delivery Assurance, Change Management and Assurance/Compliance analysis. The Brightive team was engaged on the programme up to the successful achievement of the ‘Live’ milestone. The major achievement marked the delivery of the first Live Release which enabled suppliers to commence rollout with credit customers by providing the ‘must have’ functionality as directed by the Smart Meter Delivery Group (SMDG).  PMO support activities performed by Brightive included:

  • Supporting the Programme Manager and the team for the relationships with the company;
  • Preparing clear and concise minutes, chasing actions, creating RAID and behavioural logs;
  • Owning and updating the programme plan and other strategy-related confidential documents;
  • Owning and organizing an industry day, including liaising with industry SMEs/representatives, gathering information and preparing slide decks;

Managing report assembly and Programme Director receipt/ queries, etc.