Brightive Story

The Beginning

Working in the consulting industry for many years, we have faced and observed many obstacles caused by the traditional, and in particular ‘Big 4’ model of operation. The inflexibility, wide range of the portfolios, lack of focus and specialised knowledge, cursory expertise that never goes beyond the surface of the problem, pre-packaged generic solutions to clients’ problems and the personal disengagement were all symptoms of the problems we were facing. We wanted to be able to deliver our services in a more comprehensive, cost/value optimised and in-depth, client-tailored  manner. So the Brightive story began…


Frustrated by the way the traditional high day rate, T&M, pyramid team structure way consulting firms were delivering project services, we felt there was a better way to deliver high quality and optimised value. Thus, in 2012 we developed the concept of our SMART services model, to deliver services using a mixed-shore, technology optimised model, anchored around a cost optimised physically located service centre. After ‘market testing’ the conceptual model with some key clients,  we began thinking about finding a place where our consultants would have a wide palette of analytical and soft skills – competencies in IT, mathematical and analytical knowledge, language skills and cross-cultural communication. This had to be combined with accessible geographical location, ease of conducting business, and credible legal structures and system. This led us to open our Professional Service Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2013.

Professional Service Centre

Back in 2013, we made the decision to establish our Professional Service Centre in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia – an emerging and vibrant technology cluster, with excellent opportunities for start-ups and overseas operations departments. A member of the EU since 2007, Bulgaria provides mobility, efficiency and effectiveness to the key European, Nordic and Middle Eastern business domains. It has one of the most competitive costs of labour amongst the EU largest cities, combined with a highly skilled talent base with a proven tradition in language knowledge, IT literacy and very high quality educational background.

Since then we focused our efforts on attracting and improving the best, most culturally diverse, skilled and capable people to our team. We developed ‘well-rounded consultants’ that all have wide PMO expertise in combination with deep Business Analysis, Data Analysis and Business Process optimisation capability. We are able to better analyse and elicit client needs, requirements and objectives as well as establish great and lasting relationships with key stakeholders to ensure the delivery of the right outcomes. Our consultants are fluent in several European languages, they hold certifications across wide range of methodologies, such as Prince2, CAPM, PMP, BCS, ITIL, etc. In addition to this, we provide our SMART services based around proven and reputable tools and processes. We believe getting the needs ‘right’ and recognising that good tooling enables great processes is essential for delivering the highest value to our clients. In 2014 we secured our first clients and then in 2016 our first consulting partner.


Nowadays, we see ourselves operating in both UK and Europe with a range of clients and an aggressive growth strategy. Our team is expanding exponentially allowing the leadership team to focus on value-add activities, oversee and coordinate delivery of our strategy, challenge individual project managers, ensure high quality project delivery and provide continuous improvement. Our flexible delivery model allows us to provide location independence and cost optimisation, support knowledge transfer and access to our wider knowledge data and resource base as well as external knowledge transfer – building and realising client capability.

Last but not least, EHS Consulting is now becoming Brightive to reinforce our position as an innovative and forward thinking consultancy, to expose us to new clients & markets and to show our capabilities and our acheivements.

  • 2006: EHS Consulting was founded by a team of 3 to capitalise on an opportunity created by the acquisition of i3it by BT (2 founders remain).
  • 2009: Financial crises drives a redesigned business model, seeing the development of the European and Middle Eastern markets.
  • 2011: Frustrated by the way the consulting firms were delivering project services, EHS’ founders felt there was a better way to deliver quality and value.
  • 2012: The company’s senior team developed the concept of the SMART model, to deliver services in a mixed-shore model, anchored around an EU services centre.
  • 2013: EHS Consulting BG EOOD in Sofia, Bulgaria founded.
  • 2014: The SMART services are launched and the first clients have been secured.
  • 2016: The first “channel partner” has been secured.
  • 2017: 2 years of 100% growth sees us operating in the UK and Europe, with 2 Channel Partners and an aggressive growth strategy.
  • 2017: EHS Consulting became Brightive to reinforce its positioning.