Depending on the degree of control required and the business need ProjectSMART can be configured to enable  any of the standard PMO ‘types’:

Asset 31 Supportive Controlling Directive

ProjectSMART challenges the traditional PMO model through higher quality resources, cloud & collaboration technology optimization and an innovative mixed near-shore service delivery model:

Project Board Report Weekly Project Meeting Finance Report Ad-hoc Reporting PMO ManagerManages Quality.Drive Outcomes PMO Analyst(s)Support, Analyse & Report.High skill, lower cost location Project StakeholdersDistributed Locations Project ManagersDistributed Locations PMO Management Office TeamCentral Project Location
  • The Best Talent Our talent pool comprises very highly educated, young & energetic, tech-savvy and solution-driven consultants, augmented by deep SMEs and battle-hardened Delivery Directors. Our clients benefit from access to proven subject matter experts who specialise in delivering project management services, so that functional managers can focus on delivering business-specific value and minimise time spent on project administration.
  • Consultative, customer first project support model Our talent pool and consultative, ‘customer first’ service delivery ethos is focused solely on support to the Project or Programme Manager and delivery success. So, we focus on value-add activities, overseeing, coordinating and challenging individual project managers, while ensuring high quality project delivery.
  • Integrated toolset ProjectSMART provides and leverages our, or utilizes your, cloud PPM & collaboration platforms. This way, all project data and reporting is accessible in real time and used as a single view of the truth reporting source that provides the control & visibility necessary to maximize delivery success.
  • Process efficiencyYou pay for a tailored service – that way, redundant or non-value PMO activities are removed, excluded or eliminated so that the PMO service only delivers value-add activities at a clear value proposition.
  • Location independence & flexibility Our Sofia Professional Services Centre base enables a mixed near-shore service delivery model with a cross EU/EMEA reach, which allows a flexible & adaptive response to project & programme demands & client needs, whilst optimising service cost vs onsite presence.

What does ProjectSMART do better?

The main challenges project managers face on a daily basis are lead time, start-up costs and redundancy. In order to improve performance, ProjectSMART goes beyond the traditional delivery model to bring more value to the clients.

Challenge Traditional Model ProjectSMART
Lead time Long Short
Start-up cost High Low
Effort Duplicated Consolidated
PMO Service Regarded as unjustified expense Available on ad-hoc basis

Clients using ProjectSMART benefit from:

  • Short lead-time, low start-up cost
  • Utilisation of lower cost resource centres
  • Integrated SaaS toolset
  • PMO performing value-added tasks
  • Cloud database repository used as a single reporting source
  • Consolidated project data, minimum redundant effort
  • On demand project-wide visibility on key data
  • Flexibility consumption model
  • PMO support on an ad-hoc basis

'Corporate PMOs often fail to reach their true potential, or in worst cases, fail the very Business Units and Project Managers they support and enable. A number of factors may prevent an organisation from unlocking PMO value. As someone who’s successfully worked with our ProjectSMART model for years now, I can confidently say that I will not run another project without it.'

Martyn Smith
Founder & Managing Director

Our SMART Services are Focused on Creating
Value Across Various Industries

No matter of the business size, industry and technology challenges, our team can connect and add value in Programme Delivery & Assurance, Business
Transformation & Change, IT Delivery & Optimisation.


ProcessSMART provides a cost-effective business process improvement service in a leaner, more flexible, and more innovative way.


DataSMART is all about analysing, tailoring and adding value to disparate data, supporting vast topics from market and industry research to due diligence activities.


ProgrammeSMART engages our senior consultants in combination with our Professional Service Center team, bringing value using their expertise and capabilities.


ContractSMART is created to assist our clients in the ongoing management and support of their high service contracts in order to maximize the value of the contracts return.