Why should you buy this service from us?

We leverage senior staff (typically over 20 years of experience in running complex IT enabled transformation programmes),  and young tech-savvy professionals from our Sofia Service Centre. The integrated SaaS toolset and methodologies applied, ensure consolidated project data with single reporting source, minimum redundant effort and effective programme management.

Programme Managers have full control over how the service is shaped which allows them to respond flexibly to changes in programme demand and objectives. Thereby, addressing the recognised issue with in-house PMOs where often they are unable to impose needed organisational changes and provide the needed value-add activities.

Delivery Process

  • Programme manager engaged
  • Blueprint of governance structure
  • Alignment of the project objectives to the PMO team
  • Assessment of As-is state
  • To-be design defined
  • Governance and control set-up initiated
  • PMO service transition
  • Full PMO operational and scalable
  • Continuous adaptation and improvement

Our SMART Services are Focused on Creating
Value Across Various Industries

No matter of the business size, industry and technology challenges, our team can connect and add value in Programme Delivery & Assurance, Business
Transformation & Change, IT Delivery & Optimisation.


ProjectSMART stands for higher quality project support services for lower cost in a shorter period of time, available to all project sizes.


ProcessSMART provides a cost-effective business process improvement service in a leaner, more flexible, and more innovative way.


DataSMART is all about analysing, tailoring and adding value to disparate data, supporting vast topics from market and industry research to due diligence activities.


ContractSMART is created to assist our clients in the ongoing management and support of their high service contracts in order to maximize the value of the contracts return.