What does DataSMART offer to clients?

DataSMART inputs:

Disparate input data, platforms & sources such as market data, industry data, social media, surveys, interviews, corporate platform reports (BPM/MIS/ERP), stand alone or other disparate data sources (Excel, other databases)

DataSMART capabilities/tools/techniques:

Business & Data Analysts leverage cloud and/or in-house data analysis platforms/techniques to transform the input data into relevant, concise, visually engaging information & analysis

DataSMART outcomes:

Business insight that enables high quality, data-driven decisions in an agile, iterative, cost-effective manner

Traditional vs SMART model

DataSMART utilises data-savvy high-quality talent, on-call deep SME expertise, integrated/cloud tooling and Brightive’s flexible mixed-shore service delivery model to deliver utterly compelling value & service quality.


“A project management office (PMO) is a management structure that standardizes the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques. The responsibilities of a PMO can range from providing project management support functions to actually being responsible for the direct management of one or more projects.”

Martyn Smith
Founder & Managing Director

Delivery process

  • Requirement definition and identification of sources and bases of acquisition & validation.
  • Data Management & MI tool identification and agreement of information & insight objectives/metrics.
  • Data acquisition, validation, manipulation, structuring and presentation.
  • Analysis and generation of meaningful insight.
  • Business Value delivered Make available proper interpretation of results presented in concise and compelling manner. The meaningful insight is translated to conclusions and recommendations which enable the clients to take important educated decisions.


Re-evaluation and re-assessment of data sources using DataSMART is a foundation to structuring and building meaningful insight.

Cost reduction

In search for approach to improve efficiency and minimise redundancy, DataSMART offers a ‘mixed-shore’ model that outperforms streamlined inconsistent operating models that are usually difficult to justify.

Change Management initiatives

The service facilitates Change Management initiatives, such as acquisitions, market research, operational improvement, analysis and identification of opportunities, etc.

Our SMART Services are Focused on Creating
Value Across Various Industries

No matter of the business size, industry and technology challenges, our team can connect and add value in Programme Delivery & Assurance, Business
Transformation & Change, IT Delivery & Optimisation.


ProjectSMART stands for higher quality project support services for lower cost in a shorter period of time, available to all project sizes.


ProcessSMART provides a cost-effective business process improvement service in a leaner, more flexible, and more innovative way.


ProgrammeSMART engages our senior consultants in combination with our Professional Service Center team, bringing value using their expertise and capabilities.


ContractSMART is created to assist our clients in the ongoing management and support of their high service contracts in order to maximize the value of the contracts return.