Our difference: Brightive has extensive experience in managing service contracts and has partnered with a leader in the field of cloud-based contract management tooling to create our ContractSMART service.

ContractSMART embraces all of the SMART features of efficiency, location independence, lean process and excellence to deliver a contract management service that provides the value our clients need, especially in times when it is needed and while scaling to deal with unstable demand. ContractSMART efficiently tracks contract obligations and service outputs, pricing and service levels, contract variations, contract conformance,etc.

What does ContractSMART offer to clients?

ContractSMART can be applied to new contracts, or it can pick up existing contracts to improve contract management efficiency. Additionally, we are able to assist in completing contract reviews and remediation activity to help address performance and value issues in existing contract bases. Once this stage is completed ContractSMART ensures the contracts are well managed. Brightive has a track record in finding and extracting value from the review and restructuring of existing contractual arrangements, while helping maximise the value gained from such agreements.

'Corporate PMOs often fail to reach their true potential, or in worst cases, fail the very Business Units and Project Managers they support and enable. A number of factors may prevent an organisation from unlocking PMO value. As someone who’s successfully worked with our ProjectSMART model for years now, I can confidently say that I will not run another project without it.'

Martyn Smith
Founder & Managing Director

Delivery process

Typical ContractSMART

Performance Management

We enforce response times, ensure the coverage of schedules, we set escalation rules and monitor and track obligations and service levels

Improving the value from new or existing services contracts through better practices, tools, processes. Focusing on value and quality and minimising redundant admin tasks through smart process and tooling will radically improve the financial and operational performance of services contracts

Financial Management

We validate charging, reconcile service credits and adjustments and we balance incentive and liability management

ContractSMART includes using cloud-based software solutions to drive efficiency and effectiveness and empower clients with far greater clarity on the key attributes of their contract.

Relationship Management

We clarify and enforce governance, we identify and maintain stakeholders, by specifying and executing communication plans.

ContractSMART provides the expertise needed in the right quantity at the right time. Delivering this service is not viable with inflexible and expensive internal staffing.

Risk Management

We identify, quantify and mitigate the contractual risk, while clarifying the obligations and record progress and therefore reduce the potential slippages

ContractSMART is a highly efficient service model. The greater return, however, is from the value it will release from service contracts. A short contractual review will identify the potential for releasing additional value from existing arrangements

Our SMART Services are Focused on Creating Value Across Various Industries

No matter of the business size, industry and technology challenges, our team can connect and add value in Programme Delivery & Assurance, Business Transformation & Change, IT Delivery & Optimisation.


ProjectSMART stands for higher quality project support services for lower cost in a shorter period of time, available to all project sizes.


ProcessSMART provides a cost-effective business process improvement service in a leaner, more flexible, and more innovative way.


DataSMART is all about analysing, tailoring and adding value to disparate data, supporting vast topics from market and industry research to due diligence activities.


ProgrammeSMART engages our senior consultants in combination with our Professional Service Center team, bringing value using their expertise and capabilities.